Store Policies

Linden Lab Report Policy

If at any time during a customer support interaction a customer tells us that he or she intends to submit or has already submitted a report to Linden Lab claiming: That we have “stolen their Lindens,” That we have “scammed them,” That we have “refused to help them,” That we have not “given them the […]

Inventory Management and Ownership Arbitration

Occasionally we receive requests from customers that fall under the broad category of “inventory management.” These may include, but are not limited to: The original owner chose to deed a transferrable game table to a group, and that table has now been lost, misplaced, or somehow claimed by another member of that group. The original […]

Bereavement Requests

Occasionally, individuals will reach out to us regarding the passing of a fellow Second Life resident. In these cases, the deceased resident was an avid K.R. Engineering player who owned one or more gaming tables, and the bereaved individual wants to know if there is some way that they can claim, or “inherit,” a particularly […]

End of Life

This policy is effective February 20th, 2015. This policy only applies to K.R. Engineering products that were originally released prior to 2011. Summary In an effort to combat the piracy that has resulted from numerous bugs in the Second Life server code, we have implemented a policy of only supporting older K.R. Engineering products that […]

Support Through Other People

We cannot offer support to anyone through a third party, be they alt, friend, family, spouse, partner, or anything else. There are several reasons for this. Reason #1: When it comes to alts, we have no means of verifying whether two or more accounts are legitimately owned by the same person. For this reason, each […]


All K.R. Engineering products that were originally purchased from K.R. Engineering are eligible for free upgrades for the life of the product. The life of the product is necessarily limited by the existence of the virtual worlds in which they are sold. If Second Life or Sinespace ever shut down, we are not responsible for […]


Our store vendors give an automatic discount back on all purchases in the form of store credit, which can be used towards the purchase of other items in the store. You do NOT need to be a member of our group to receive this discount. Some products may be eligible for special promotional discounts. The […]

Exchanges and Replacements

Exchange Policy Exchanges may be made for equivalent items (e.g. exchanging a game for a game) if you purchased the wrong product by mistake and it is a transferable or licensed item. You will be required to pay the difference in price between the item you purchased and the item you wanted, if any. Likewise, […]

Refunds and Returns

Refund Policy K.R. Engineering does not offer refunds on purchased items EXCEPT in the case of duplicate purchases. A duplicate purchase is defined as accidentally purchasing the same product twice or more times within a reasonable, very short time period. This can occur because of server or viewer glitches at the time of purchase. If […]

Bug Bounties

If you think you’ve found a bug in a K.R. Engineering game, you could earn a bounty by reporting it! Follow these steps to report the bug, and you could earn an L$500 gift card good towards anything at K.R. Engineering. All of the criteria below must be met before you are awarded a bounty […]