How-To Guides

Custom Cards

K.R. Engineering card games that use a standard playing card deck (and some that use non-standard decks) will allow you to change the cards to be anything that you want if you’re willing to make your own textures for them. This article assumes that you are making a standard card deck, but it works the […]


K.R. Engineering games allow you to put your own image or logo on your game systems. This custom image will appear on the game playing surface (the octagon that has the game elements on it, such as dice, cards, game boards, etc). Your image may be partially obscured by the game pieces, and how much […]

Game Rezzer Administration

The latest versions of K.R. Engineering’s products use an on-demand system for playing games. Rather than rezzing out a separate, self-contained table for each game that you own, you now rez one or more game systems that can in turn play any of your games. These themed game systems (sometimes called rezzers in this article) may […]

Player Experience Customization

At K.R. Engineering, we believe that playing games in Second Life is about more than just the game. It is about socializing and enjoying the game the way you like it. To that end, our game tables incorporate features that go beyond game mechanics. Once you are seated at one of our game tables, a […]

Gift Cards

K.R. Engineering offers Gift Cards in denominations from L$100 to L$5000. Gift Cards can be redeemed automatically at the store by touching any of our vendors (third party “guest” vendors are not included). After touching one of our vendors, simply choose “CREDIT” from the menu that pops up. Any store credit that you have in […]


Redelivery Basics Are all of your products available for redelivery? At the moment, only our copy/no-trans mesh game systems and themes are available for automated redelivery. You will not be able to request a redelivery of: Any older model, no-copy/trans prim game table. Any two-person game (such as Khet, Mancala, or Senet). Your game licenses (the game licenses are data […]

Managing Your G.SL Password

What features do Gaming.SL Live accounts offer? With a Gaming.SL Live account you can view your game collection, check your store credit, request redeliveries, and more. You can learn more by visiting our Gaming.SL Live article. I’d like to make an account, or reset the password for my current account. How can I do that? […]

License Transfer

Is transferring games between accounts still possible under the new licensing system? Yes, it is still possible to transfer your game license to a different account. The process is a little more complicated, however, and each game license can only be transferred one time by the original owner.   Does that mean the recipient can’t send the […]

Reward Points

How do I earn Reward Points? Reward Points are earned automatically when purchasing from any K.R. Engineering vendor in our Second Life store. This includes games, game themes/tables, and game add-ons. Reward Points are NOT earned from Second Life Marketplace purchases, Sinespace purchases, or from guest vendors. How many Reward Points are earned on each […]


What is migration? How is it different from updating? In order to offer a better gaming experience, in 2018 we made several major changes to the way K.R. Engineering game systems operate. In order to update your older games, receive redelivery of an older game, or use the new mesh tables, you will need to […]