Our Mission

Karsten Rutledge Enterprises has been creating high quality, feature-rich games within virtual worlds since 2005. We currently sell products in both Second Life and Sinespace. Just like the real world, virtual worlds are full of opportunities to forge and strengthen the bonds of friendship. Whether you prefer a raucous game of Greedy Greedy or a quiet game of Spades, our goal isn’t just to sell you game software — it’s to provide you with the tools you need to create lasting memories.


Our Team


Karsten Rutledge is the owner and founder of K.R. Engineering. Through his design and programming work, he’s brought games such as Greedy Greedy, On-a-Roll, and Poker to a wide virtual audience. It’s hard to stress just how long Karsten has been making games — he got his start working on text-based virtual worlds back in the ’90s. That’s before Google existed. Yes, you should be scared.



Velvet Golden-Rutledge is a professional writer and wannabe game developer. She offers customer support for K.R. Engineering, and is currently attempting to increase customer satisfaction by converting KRE’s compendious support wiki into a modernized knowledge base. When she’s not deep in the edit mines, she can be found herding cats. Literally.