If you need help with a K.R. Engineering product, please try searching for help on our Knowledge Base first. Go ahead and enter any natural keywords that occur to you — the knowledge base is actually quite responsive. Some of the questions we’re frequently asked include:

If the Knowledge Base doesn’t help, you are welcome to reach out to us for help using one of the following methods.

Within SL: If you are a Second Life customer and prefer to contact us from within the Second Life platform, please IM VelvetPurrsons directly.

Email: You can email Karsten Rutledge or Velvet Purrsons-Rutledge.

If you need to contact us about a problem, here are some tips that will help us resolve your issue more quickly:

  1. Please do not send us notecards. We cannot open them over email, and we cannot respond to you with a notecard.
  2. Please include as much information as possible the first time you IM us. This will allow us to help you right away.
  3. Per our Support Policy, we must speak to the actual product owner. Please do not contact us on behalf of another person.
  4. Please understand that it may take up to seven business days to receive a response from us. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.