Prize Servers

Open Source K.R. Engineering Prize Server What is it? The Open Source K.R. Engineering Prize Server is open source code that serves as an example of how to implement an awards system for K.R. Engineering games. K.R. Engineering games that have their External API turned on will automatically attempt to communicate with any servers in […]


K.R. Engineering games that are connected to Gaming.SL Live and have a scoring system as part of their normal gameplay will have Top Scores leaderboards included with them. All games will have Top Winners leaderboards included even if they have no scoring mechanic, as these simply show the number of games won. There may also be Top […]

Gaming.SL Live

 General Info Who’s behind this project? Gaming.SL and Gaming.SL Live (hereafter referred to collectively Gaming.SL or G.SL) are products of K.R. Engineering in Second Life. For more information, please visit our About page. How do you handle privacy concerns? Please see our Privacy Policy. Can I request specific features? Absolutely, but we make no guarantees on whether […]

Skill Gaming in Second Life

What is this article about? Linden Lab announced on July 10th, 2014 that they’re implementing Skill Gaming Regions in Second Life. There’s a link to the official announcement below, but this is a brief summary of why our games no longer include any prize options (betting or buy-ins or other money functions of any kind). […]

Game Licenses in Second Life

Which games require licenses? All of our games in Second Life are licensed, and always have been. However, starting in June of 2018 this licensing system has become more prominent and more obvious to game owners as a result of a permissions change from TRANSFER-ONLY to COPY-ONLY. The information presented on this page largely deals […]

Piracy in Second Life

Overview This article is intended to be a simplified overview of piracy, and not by any means a tutorial or comprehensive exploration of the particular exploits available. It is intended only to aid in understanding how an object you’ve encountered in Second Life may not be legitimate, even if it appears to be. Second Life […]